2021-2022 Board Members


Major/Minor: Course 10B, 7
Email: svleck@mit.edu
Research Interests: Drug delivery and Nano-particles
Other Interests: Swim and Dive Team, Eating out in Boston
Sydney Vleck


Major/Minor: Course 10/Energy
Email: danica@mit.edu
Research Interests: Immunology, Sustainable Designs
Other Interests: Making Spotify Playlists, Trying new food, Running, Contemporary Art
Danica Dong

VP Internal

Major/Minor: Course 10B
Email: zhangka@mit.edu
Interests: Electrochemical Cement Production
Other Interests: Swimming, Running, Reading
Kara Zhang

VP External

Major/Minor: Course 10
Email: munnen@mit.edu
Research Interests: Drug Delivery, Consumer Products
Other Interests: Product Design, Graphic Design, Traveling
Nicole Munne

VP Finance

Major/Minor: Course 10B, 7
Email: britneyp@mit.edu
Research Interests: Proteins, Drug Delivery, Nanoparticles
Other Interests: Spending AiChE Money (but also reading, running, trying new restaurants)
Britney Pham

VP Chapter Relations

Major/Minor: Course 10/15-1
Email: ateygong@mit.edu
Research Interests: Pharama
Other Interests: Running, Traveling, Food
Fun Fact: I have played violin for 13 years!
Ashleigh Teygong

Intracollegiate Chair

Major/Minor: Course 10/Energy Studies
Email: jlgomez@mit.edu
Research Interests: Computational, Sustainable Energy
Other Interests: Playing the drum set, Weight lifting
Jose Gomez

Corporate Relations

Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG
Email: twilhelm@mit.edu
Research Interests: Biomaterials, Sensing and Diagonstics, Electrochemistry
Other Interests: Rowing, Hiking, Skiing, Cooking, Trying new restaurants
Tatum Wilhelm

Corporate Relations

Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG/6
Email: juliagvc@mit.edu
Interests: Biotechnology, Pharma, Synthetic Biology, Computational Biology
Other Interests: Rowing, Hiking, Skiing, Biking
Julia Van Cleef

Freshman & Alumni

Major/Minor: Course 10/PMSE and Russian
Email: duhasyar@mit.edu
Research Interests: Polymers, Green Technology
Other Interests: Volleyball!
Fun Fact: I played tuba in HS!
Duha Syar

Freshman & Alumni

Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG/4A
Email: njacob23@mit.edu
Research Interests: Substainability in materials and the built environment
Other Interests: Music, Running, Secondhand Clothing, Journaling
Nicole Jacobsen


Major/Minor: Course 10B, 7/6
Email: achin4@mit.edu
Research Interests: Computation and Biotechnology
Other Interests: Piano, Hiking, Fishing, Archery
Fun Fact: My favorite Pokemon is Azumarill.
Austin Chin

DEI Representative

Major: Course 10
Email: aevargas@mit.edu
Research Interests: Materials, Energy, Substainability
Other Interests: Art, Cats, Swimming, Linguistics
Fun Fact: I've wanted to do chemical engineering since my freshman year...of high school.
Ava Vargas

2022 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10/ESM
Email: tungcyj@mit.edu
Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Substainabiligy
Other Interests: Reading, Running
Julie Tung

2022 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10/5, 21W
Email: ruoxinlu@mit.edu
Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Carbon Capture & Fixing
Other Interests: League of Legends, Cooking, Eating
Fun Fact: I get cold when I'm sleepy
Ruoxin Lu

2023 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG
Email: scasteli@mit.edu
Research Interests: Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology
Other Interests: Tennis, Walking, Hiking, Eating, Napping
Seraphine Castelino

2023 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10
Email: binettew@mit.edu
Research Interests: Pharmaceuticals, Sustainable Energy
Other Interests: Volleyball, hanging out with friends, trying new food
Binette Wadda

2024 Class Rep

Major: Course 10B
Email: ezgordon@mit.edu
Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery
Other Interests: Frisbee, Juggling
Fun Fact: I grew up about a mile from campus.
Ezra Gordon

2024 Class Rep

Major: Course 10/French
Email: yijuny@mit.edu
Research Interests: Electrochemical Energy
Other Interests: Drawing and Painting
Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I'm obsessed with chicken noodle soup
Yijun Yang

Mentoring Chair

Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG
Email: aliu22@mit.edu
Interests: Sustainable Energy, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Catalysis, Electrochemistry
Other Interests: Music, Cooking, Fitness/Sport
Fun Fact: I once had a dream that Dr. Johnston was a 20 foot tall inflatable balloon.
Alex Liu

Facilities Chair

Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG and 6-3/14
Email: ming1022@mit.edu t.edu
Research Interests: Big Data Analytics, AI in Healthcare
Other Interests: Traveling, Shopping, Building LEGO sets, and 3D puzzles
Ming Yang

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