Emma Valentine President

Major: Course 10B
Email: elv@mit.edu
Research Interests: Genetic Engineering, Tissue Engineering
Other Interests: Field Hockey, Hiking, Reading,Cooking
Fun Fact: Worked at Dunkin Donuts in high school

Michelle Tai VP of External Affairs

Major: Course 10B & 7A
Email: mtai168@mit.edu
Research Interests: Nanoparticle mRNA drug delivery, Microfluidics
Other Interests: SWE, tennis, origami

Jessie Zhao VP of Internal Affairs

Major: Course 10B
Email: jessiez@mit.edu
Interests: Tools/platforms to improve discovery and development of novel protein-based therapeutics, protein engineering, immunotherapy, biologics
Other Interests: DanceTroupe,live music,running,blogging,brunch baking
Fun Fact: Has pet ducks!

Linh Nguyen VP of Public Relations

Major: Course 10
Email: linh@mit.edu
Research Interests: Carbon Nanotubes,Solar Cells, Biomaterials,Energy
Other Interests: MIT Poker Club, Undergraduate Energy Club,music,travel,tennis
Fun Fact: Is ambidexterous!

Brian Zhong VP Administrative/Financial Officer

Major: Course 10
Email: brizhong@mit.edu
Research Interests: Drug Delivery, biomaterials, polymers
Other Interests: Soccer, singing, piano, drums Fun Fact: Favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee!

Mackenzie Donnelly Corporate Relations

Major: Course 10
Email: mackdonn@mit.edu
Research Interests: Environmental fluid mechanics, genetic ecology, sustainable materials and energy
Other Interests: Hiking, running, biking, cooking
Fun Fact: Can make 11 different types of baked goods from memory!

Amy Wang Corporate Relations

Major: Course 10
Email: amy_wang@mit.edu
Research Interests: Polymer Science, Drug Delivery,Biomaterials,icrofluidics
Other Interests: MedLinks, Associate Advisor, MIT Biotech Group
Fun Fact: Likes pretending to be a sous chef extraordinaire in her free time!

Marjorie Buss Freshmen & Alumni Committee

Major: Course 10B & 7A
Email: mbuss@mit.edu
Research Interest: Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Biotechnology,Renewable Energy
Other Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, Running, AEPhi, Reading, traveling
Fun Fact: Is double-jointed in her thumbs!

Andrea Blankenship Intracollegiate Chair

Major: Course 10
Email: anblank@mit.edu
Research Interests: Energy
Other Interests: MIT Energy Club, Society of Women Engineers, Alpha Chi Omega, Associate Advising
Fun Fact: Has swum with sharks!

Morgan Matranga Webmaster

Major: Course 10B
Email: matranga@mit.edu
Research Interests: Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, Pharmaceuticals
Other Interests: SWE, Springboard Diving, hiking, running
Fun Fact: Is left handed!

Natalie Delumpa-Alexander 2018 Class Representative

Major: Course 10
Email: ndelumpa@mit.edu
Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Materials, Nanotechnology
Other Interests: MIT International Students Association, traveling

Robert Mahari 2017 Class Representative

Major: Course 10
Email: rmahari@mit.edu

Jessica Greer 2017 Class Representative

Major: Course 10
Email: jgreer@mit.edu
Research Interests: Polymers, Hydrogels, Drugs
Other Interests: DanceTroupe, Sigma Kappa Sorority, SHINE