2020-2021 Board Members


Major/Minor: Course 10/17
Email: ckenton@mit.edu
Research Interests: Redox Flow Batteries, Fuel Cells, Clean Energy
Other Interests: Running, Yoga, Traveling
Caroline Kenton

VP Internal

Major/Minor: Course 10/15-2 or Energy
Email: zhangka@mit.edu
Interests: Process Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Energy
Other Interests: Alpha Chi Omega, SHINE Club, Water Polo
Fun Fact: Once I belly flopped off a 30 foot cliff into a lake but busted my lip.
Kara Zhang

VP External

Major/Minor: Course 10B
Email: danica@mit.edu
Research Interests: Drug Delivery, Consumer Products
Other Interests: Product Design, Graphic Design, Traveling
Fun Fact: Freshman summer, I spent a night sleeping in a skatepark in Valencia, Spain.
Danica Dong

VP Finance

Major/Minor: Course 10B/7
Email: britneyp@mit.edu
Research Interests: Pharmaceuticals, Immunology, Proteins
Other Interests: Running, Baking, Sleeping
Britney Pham

VP Chapter Relations

Major/Minor: Course 10B & 7
Email: daiyao@mit.edu
Research Interests: Tissue Engineering, Paper Diagnostics, Immunology
Other Interests: Classical Piano, Reading, Cats
Fun Fact: I love course X!
Daiyao Zhang

Intracollegiate Chair

Major/Minor: Course 10B/15-1
Email: ateygong@mit.edu
Research Interests: Consumer Products, Biotechnology
Other Interests: Running, Music, Public Health
Ashleigh Teygong

Corporate Relations

Major/Minor: Course 10/14
Email: ming1022@mit.edu
Research Interests: Nanotechnology, Polymer Synthesis, Pharmaceuticals
Other Interests: Traveling, Shopping, Art
Ming Yang

Corporate Relations

Major/Minor: Course 10/15-1
Email: munnen@mit.edu
Interests: Energy and Sustainability
Other Interests: Writing and Design
Fun Fact: I know Morse code.
Nicole Munne

Freshman & Alumni

Major/Minor: Course 10/5 & 21W
Email: ruoxinlu@mit.edu
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Photocatalysis, Carbon Fixation
Other Interests: Cooking, Creative Writing, Drawing
Fun Fact: I'm an aggressively territorial sleeper.
Ruoxin Lu

Freshman & Alumni

Major/Minor: Course 10/Energy
Email: tungcyj@mit.edu
Research Interests: Polymers, Energy Conversion
Other Interests: Working Out, Reading, Playing Animal Crossing, Watching Youtube
Fun Fact: I graduated elementary school twice!
Julie Tung


Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG/6
Email: shuxin@mit.edu
Research Interests: Computation, Software, Energy
Other Interests: Drawing, Violin
Shuxin Chen

ESC Liaison

Major: Course 10
Email: svleck@mit.edu
Research Interests: Drug Delivery, Development
Other Interests: Swimming, Reading
Sydney Vleck

2021 Class Rep

Major: Course 10 & 6-14
Email: jach@mit.edu
Research Interests: Data Science
Other Interests: Music, Culture, Finance
Fun Fact: I go to MIT.
Jacky Chin

2022 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10/15-1
Email: egwozdz@mit.edu
Research Interests: Materials -- Polymer Membranes for Gas Separation Applications
Other Interests: Football, Entrepreneurship, Business Finance, Traveling, Languages
Evan Gwozdz

2022 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10/Statistics & Data Science
Email: pieperp@mit.edu
Research Interests: Machine Learning in Organic Synthesis
Other Interests: Basketball, Camp Kesem, Golf
Fun Fact: I've only broken one bone in my life, and it happened at the age of two from my sister.
Paula Pieper

2023 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10B
Email: binettew@mit.edu
Research Interests: Pharmaceuticals, Energy/Sustainability
Other Interests: Volleyball, Dance, Watching Netflix
Fun Fact: I've held a baby tiger!
Binette Wadda

2023 Class Rep

Major/Minor: Course 10-ENG
Email: scasteli@mit.edu
Research Interests: Pharmaceuticals and Energy
Other Interests: Tennis
Seraphine Castelino

Facilities Chair

Major/Minor: Course 10
Email: andison@mit.edu
Research Interests: Polymers
Other Interests: Lion Dancing, Ultimate Frisbee, Sleeping
Fun Fact: I am an aggressive chain sneezer and sun sneezer.
Andison Tran

Facilities Chair

Major/Minor: Course 10B
Email: alemanja@mit.edu
Research Interests: Drug Delivery & Immunology
Fun Fact: I can play the marimba with four mallets.
Juan Aleman

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