MIT AIChE Positions


Oversees running of entire MIT AIChE community. Creates and guides the board to follow the established vision of MIT AIChE, and works with VPs and individual board members to set and reach goals for each position. The President serves as an ambassador for Course X and is expected to attend all events held by AIChE when possible. The President shall be the official representative of the group to MIT and to any other organization.

VP Internal

Helps set vision and goals for all committees that relate to MIT student body. Oversees class representatives and intracollegiate chair and provides resources and guidance for successful event planning and organization. Responsibilities also include undergraduate department-wide event planning and facilitating apparel orders. Helps during class rep elections to encourage people to run for positions. Expected to assist and attend events held by committees.

VP External

Helps set vision and goals for all committees that relate to the outside community. Oversees the Corporate Relations Committee and guides the planning of the Course X Fall Industrial Networking Series. Serves as the main point of contact between MIT AIChE and other organizations or clubs.

VP Finance

Handles all financial and administrative aspects of the chapter. Collaborates with the ChemE office and SOLE to determine yearly budgets, process reimbursements, and manage donations. Serves as secretary during meetings, and will preside over meetings if President is unable to attend.

VP Chapter Relations

Helps set vision and goals for all committees that relate to publicity of Course X and AIChE. Oversees Freshmen/Alumni Chairs, Webmaster, and ESC Liaison. Responsible for committee functioning and follows up with deadlines, action items, and ensures transition materials and resources are acquired for each position. Serves as the main corresponder for the International Sister Chapter Program. Also responsible for publicizing all AIChE events via email blasts and Course X Calendar.

Intracollegiate Chair

Organizes events for all ChemE undergraduate students. Responsibilities include monthly study breaks, undergraduate mixers, and running the AIChE Instagram. Provides support to class reps. Additional duties may include: Course X dinners, faculty/student dinners, adviser panels/lunches, etc.

Corporate Relations

Responsible for organizing and hosting the annual Course X Fall Industrial Networking Series in collaboration with industry sponsors as well as professional development opportunities in the spring. The committee serves to maintain ongoing relationships between companies and MIT ChemE students, and functions to help students advance professionally.

Freshman & Alumni

Increases involvement of both potential Course X majors and also past Course X alums. Organizes a variety of departmental exploration events to allow freshmen to learn about course X. Collaborates with the ChemE Student Office during CPW week. Also hosts events with MIT alumni to show current students the variety of career options open to them.


Handles and maintains website, requiring a basic understanding of HTML/CSS; updates website with relevant contact information and important dates of events/exams.

ESC Liaison

The ESC Liaison is responsible for maintaining contact with the regional ESC liaison chair, addressing any issues that arise between the student chapter and region’s chair, and promoting communication/collaboration between MIT AIChE and other AIChE boards in the region.

Class Rep

Responsible for organizing class social events and faculty dinners, publizing AIChE events to each class, and maintaining class morale. Serves as the main point of contact between AIChE and their respective classes.

Facilities Chair

Oversees Bunker activity by: regularly ordering snacks and drinks; ensuring coffee, cups, utensils, and office supplies are present; encouraging cleanliness; and communicating with VP Finance and with the Student Office regarding relevant student resources.

Mentoring Chair

Facilitates mentor-mentee matching between underclassmen and upperclassmen in ChemE. Responsibilities include: matching mentors and mentees based on the field of study/interests, sorting out appropriate funding for mentor-mentee interactions, encouraging mentor-mentee interactions during key academic dates, and hosting mixers for the two parties.

DEI Chair

Collaborates with other ChemE student organizations on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. Responsibilities include: creating programming events for students on DEI issues, acting as a liaison between department leadership and AIChE on DEI-related developments, ensuring AIChE functions are inclusive and equitable.