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General information and news about chemical engineering at MIT. Learn more about our academics, faculty, and research in various fields and industries.

ChemE at MIT
Undergraduate Course 10 Requirements

MIT offers numerous tracks for its chemical engineering students, including Course 10, Course 10B, and Course 10-ENG. Learn more about chemical engineering classes and requirements for undergraduates at MIT.

Course Requirements
ChemE Comm Lab

MIT's ChemE Comm Lab offers valuable advice and support involving any communication skills associated with scientific work. Schedule an appointment or meeting to improve your communication skills with posters, presentations, resumes, etc.

MIT ChemE Comm Labs
National AIChE

The National American Institute of Chemical Engineers offers a bridge for students to connect to the professional world. They offer a variety of services for its student members, including advice regarding industry, graduate school, and job hunting.

National AIChE Site
MIT Research Program

MIT program offering paid/for credit research experience and opportunities for undergraduate students. Learn more about the multitude of research experiences available to undergraduates to participate in innovative and world-changing research projects.

American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society is a scientific organization that promotes chemistry and chemical applications in the industrial/research world. Learn more about how ACS can provide advice/support for your career in chemistry.

Student Resources

Collection of student resources put together by MIT Chemical Engineering. Learn more about the variety of student resources offered to undergraduates.

Student Resources
Piazza Forum

Course 10 Piazza forum for students. Learn more about Course 10 from various students or instructors and post any questions you may have about the major.


Other Resources

MIT Mental Health

MIT offers a variety of services for any of those who are struggling with mental health/and or stress. Please reach out for help if needed.

MIT Mental Health
The Column

ChemE newsletter by Darius Mortazavi, a senior at Texas A&M, detailing global news on the chemical process industry

The Column
MIT ChemE Newsletter

General chemical engineering newsletter at MIT. Learn more about the current events and seminars ongoing in ChemE community.

MIT ChemE Newsletter